Shirt Info

Boosted Tees™ are made of fine-woven, ringspun – 100% cotton – or blends that are extremely close. Since we actually work on cars, we took the time to research our printing process and our substrates. One condition was, we didn't want a huge 'patch',  'appliqué', 'xfer' or 'globs of thick plastisol ink' on our chests, because we sweat… It is uncomfortable to have a heavy shirt that traps the heat in. Our shirts are printed with inks that actually bond to the fabrics we print on. 

For best garment life, we recommend washing inside out, on the cold cycle with medium to low agitation.

To dry, either hang dry or use low-medium heat permanent press cycles.

Boosted Tees™ strives to produce top-quality apparel. Please contact us if there are any problems with our products.